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Technical Limitations

If you are connected to a chatterbot, we will be sending your messages to a web server that is beyond our control, and it may not always work smoothly. They may periodically go down for maintenance because of problems, or in many cases due to developent cycles. If you are connected to a human there might still be occasional communication problems... or they might go and make some tea! If you try to chat and only see the things you type, without a response, then that connection has gone offline. You may simply close the chat window and try another one in that eventuality. Likewise if the chat window never loads or never responds, the hub is down. Sometimes, when you click on the randomly selected chatbot link, you may see remnants of a prior conversation, but this does not mean you have connected to the same conversational partner.

The Turing Hub uses a cookie to keep up with which session you are. For best results, your browser should accept cookies from turinghub.com. We are currently testing 3 different interfaces. One of them requires that your browser be equipped with Java 1.5 or better. If this poses a problem, please return to the home page and try another interface. Our other two interfaces requries Javascript to function properly. Other than that, there are no special requirements.