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About The Turing Hub

The Turing Hub is a kind of switchboard that connects people to chatterbots or other people for the express purpose of having a conversation with something and then being asked to describe what it was you were talking to. This activity is part of the Turing test. This website has been used in classroom studies from philosophy to computer science and serves as a tribute to Dr. Alan Turing and his incredible legacy.

At this site, our goal is to be able to present each visitor with a verbal behavior experience using a variety of interfaces for the possibility of conversation. We want to see if people have more than a 70% chance of guessing the true identity of their conversational partner.

Dr. Alan TuringTuring predicted that machines would eventually be able to pass the test. In fact, he estimated that by the year 2000, machines with a billion bits (about 119 MB) of memory would be able to fool 30% of human judges during a 5-minute test. He also predicted that people would then no longer consider the phrase "thinking machine" contradictory. He further predicted that machine learning would be an important part of building powerful machines, a claim which is considered to be plausible by contemporary researchers in Artificial intelligence.

There are some technical limitations associated with this network. This project would not be possible without The Human Beings.


Please note: All conversations are logged along with your IP address.

You will be presented with a screen that is split into halves. There will be a different form on each side, left and right. Type your messages, questions, whatever, and press the 'return' key, or click the button to 'say' or 'send'. You will receive a reply shortly.

Continue your conversations, comparing one side to the other, and after five minutes, the screen will change to an opinion poll with one question: Human or Computer? You may vote on both conversations if you wish. If you get tired of chatting and want to proceed to the poll, click on "rate the chat" and you can get on with it.

If the form on one side of your screen is unresponsive, you may ignore it. You will have the opportunity to vote "not working" if you wish. You may vote again on the Turing Hub after a couple of days. However, if you would just like to continue your chat, you may click on the name of the entity in the scores page, and have a conversation unlimited by time.

See the TuringHub Blog for the project diary.

Colloquium 2005 The Conversational Systems colloquium held at University of Surrey in November 2005 marked the beginning of this website, and the meeting place of many influential people in the AI Chatbot community.

Pictured far left is Dr. Huma Shah, barely visible in the 2nd row near Turing's stature is Dr. Richard S. Wallace. In front of the statue Dr. David C. Hamill. Also in the photo, Rollo Carpenter, Simon Laven, Martin Sondergaard, Robby Garner, Dr. Vladimir Vesselov. Click the photo above to see a larger version.

[main page] What's with the bicycle you may ask? This is our homage to the classic television series, The Prisoner, with Patrick McGoohan's famous line, "I am not a number! I am a free man!" It is a part of human nature to resist automation because of the fear that it takes away our ability to decide for ourselves, our free will.

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